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Our main office is located in Central Pennsylvania in the historic City of York, our Nation's first capitol. We reside in the William Goodridge Building(1).

140 Roosevelt Avenue, Suite 204-206

York, PA  17401-3333


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(1) William Goodridge was a prominent York African American businessman and a leader in running what was known in its day as The Underground Railroad.

It was in York County where the term "Underground Railroad" originated. Slave owners in the pursuit of fugitives found that when they reached the Susquehanna River, the bondman disappeared as mysteriously as though "the ground had swallowed him up." In their perplexity, the pursuers exclaimed, "There must be an underground road somewhere." The expression struck the popular fancy and was incorporated into the literature of the day.

In his book, The History of York County, Pennsylvania, George Prowell stated what he believed to be the legacy of York County relative to its role in the Underground Railroad. York County was a significant participant in the plight of runaway slaves as they struggled for freedom. It held a geographical and historical place of prominence in the story of the Underground Railroad.

York County is a border county. Its southern boundary is the Mason and Dixon Line. Escaping slaves before the Civil War often made their way north through York County. There were people who lived in the City of York and the outlying communities who were sympathetic to the flight of the fugitives. As it was illegal and dangerous to assist the escaping slaves, the names of those who assisted their journey were not well publicized however it is a known fact that Goodridge was a prominent leader providing financing and logistical support.



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