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Faced with today's complex business environment, St. Andrew has established alliances with world-class organizations that have proven themselves to be leaders in their industry. We have employed a rigorous evaluation process that leaves a select few entities with whom we choose to collaborate.

This evaluation measures trust, competence, product delivery and above all, an ethical standard that is second to none.

To offer the most complete solution to our customers, we are pleased to present our partner affiliates with whom you may work directly or through St. Andrew.




Smart Solutions for a Healthy Community

St. Andrew and InnerLink have combined talent and product pools to give communities the benefit of each organization's strengths. St. Andrew's self-service health education kiosks reach communities with limited or no Internet access. InnerLink's web-based solutions empower communities to create a culture of wellness through interventions that produce cost-effective, positive health outcomes. To learn more about InnerLink click HERE.




Creating Verification Solutions In High-Security, Self-service  Settings

St. Andrew and InKode have teamed up to develop beyond state-of-the-art solutions for settings that require rock solid verification of individuals and credentials. INKODE'S inexpensive, long-range passive RFID technology is called Resonate Signatures™ The INKODE technology (available from St. Andrew Development through a non-exclusive license) won the Frost & Sullivan 2006 Excellence in Technology of the Year Award in the field automatic identification systems. To learn more about InKode click HERE.




Making a Difference in Women's Health Outcomes

St. Andrew and The Pennsylvania Commission for Women developed and are now deploying award-winning, self-service, health education kiosks with a focus on women's health nation-wide  The PA Commission for Women serves as a strong advocate for women's rights and works to ensure that women and girls have equal opportunity and treatment in all aspects of life. To learn more about the PA Commission for Women click HERE.




Fizika (Esperanto) = Physical Activity, Movement and Measurement

St. Andrew has teamed up with our friends at Fizika to revolutionize how students learn about and also act on personal fitness. Fizika is a comprehensive provider of innovative and effective tools and resources for health, wellness and physical education professionals. Fizika’s positive energy solutions will transform your physical education program, enabling students to gain lifetime skills that go beyond the classroom or gymnasium. To learn more about Fizika and how their revolutionary products and services can impact your school community click HERE.




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