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Cancer costs in the US are $107 billion annually

The US Center for disease Control reports that the cost of cancer in America is $107,000,000,000 annually. Almost $40 billion of this is attributable to direct medical cost and the remaining $77 billion is attributable productivity costs to business. Sadly, the most preventable and treatable forms of cancer lead the list of the most prevalent and expensive cancer types experienced - breast, lung, colon and prostate cancers.

This staggering cost represents an enormous economic burden borne by employers and insurers. Much of this cost is avoidable by cancer victims seeking treatment at early stages of their disease. Treating cancer at an advanced stage costs as much as four times as much as it does to treat it at an earlier stage.  

It is estimated that more than half of the annual cancer treatment expense is spent on detectable and treatable cancer types

To employers with self insurance funding or experience based premium calculation this adds up to a simple fact; companies whose employees receive treatment for cancer at earlier stages than at later stages enjoy reduced insurance costs and a greater quality of employment life than those who delay.

Workplace WellnessSuite helps fill the gap between workforces and practical cancer knowledge, knowledge that can be acted upon to help save lives and diminish suffering from cancer. It also lets the economic savings from avoiding such suffering fall directly to their bottom line.

Workplace WellnessSuite closes the gap between early detection of cancer and survival

Workplace WellnessSuite units have a recent history of heavy use and success in employment settings. Hershey Foods employees were regular WellnessSuite users when a system was located in their cafeteria. Employees at Reeses Peanut Chocolate enjoy WellnessSuite knowledge and workers at Harley Davidson do as well. Additional WellnessSuite units are in the works for use in major paper, food, clothing and air transportation companies.

What do companies using Workplace WellnessSuite have in common? First and foremost they make a clear statement that they care about the well-being of their valued employees. They choose Workplace WellnessSuite as a practical and economical way to help improve the quality of their employees lives and their bottom lines. Secondly, they develop a relationship with the American Cancer Society and its vast repository of cancer knowledge and life-improving resources.

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