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WellnessLink and St. Andrew Development were Proud to be Part of 

The American Cancer Society's 

Celebration on the Hill

held in our nation's capital on September 19, 2002


St. Andrew's staff and the WellnessLink program appeared in our nation's capitol as part of the Celebration on the Hill event. This event, featuring thousands of cancer advocates, was held September 19, 2002.

WellnessLink was featured in the Cancer Knowledge Tent and was used by over 1,000 cancer heroes. Thanks!

Here are some pictures of the event.


Evening on the Mall

Evening falls on the Celebration and the party still rocks on!


Signing-up to Fight Cancer

Signing "THE BUS" was a great way to connect with fellow cancer ambassadors who did the same as the bus traveled across the country. See related story.


Watch out for the Brand Police!

Frank McKee, St. Andrew's President, signed on the dotted line .

Soldiers in the Fight Against Cancer

St. Andrew staff, Frank McKee (L) and Jim Kruper, paused for a break in the action in front of the bus. 

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