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Company Capability Summary

Thank you for your interest in St. Andrew Development. Our company and staff experience with complex software development, implementation and support programs with major transportation companies, state and city municipalities, and others is detailed in this section. Our project summary report is presented in pdf format for ease of use and distribution.

Founded in 1987 as a software development partnership, St. Andrew provides organizations in the service, healthcare, communications, manufacturing, transportation industries and government with a focused line of software and process based information and operational analysis services. We design and build information delivery systems that evoke action through the delivery of knowledge.

St. Andrew is unique in many ways. Perhaps our most important quality is a heartfelt desire to seek out and serve our clients' best interests. This quality is shared and practiced by all members of our company, and is emulated within our company in our working relationship with each other. An environment pervades St. Andrew in which individuals are affirmed and encouraged to go beyond their personal best in service of our clients. The role of our principals is that of leading; hiring only the best and exemplifying and affirming this fundamental value of our company.

Another aspect of St. Andrew's uniqueness is our emphasis on blending creativity and practical information solutions with implementation experience to accomplish sound system design and operating principals for our clients - creativity to explore with our clients what the ideal could be, and practical information solutions developed to best suit our clients' immediate and strategic knowledge goals.

Never before have organizations had available to them such a wide array of new, powerful, affordable information systems technologies. Too often we encounter organizations struggling with technical predispositions; clinging to expensive, laborious information practices and hardware / software platforms. St. Andrew Development applies a structured system and knowledge audit process called CFMI - Continuous Flow of Material Information to address and overcome this critical element. This creative information yardstick evaluates and measures the flow and velocity of information as it relates to organizational productivity, competitiveness and decision-making centered on knowledge.

The Internet revolutionized information and knowledge flow and St. Andrew is pleased to have been and remain in the forefront of that evolution with our web-based systems. Since 1995, when we were commissioned by Pennsylvania State University to integrate web capability into a multi-media, database application we developed and they utilized, our clients benefit from our vision and ability to design systems and deliver them on time and on budget. Today, St. Andrew’s leadership in this area continues as we use Internet based architecture in almost all our systems initiatives.

We are pleased that you have taken the time to review this sampling of St. Andrew’s capabilities. They represent current or recent initiatives that reflect our diversity yet embody St. Andrew’s focus – designing and building knowledge delivery systems that touch people’s lives. 

Due to the extent and proprietary detail contained in this material a  password is required to access it.  If you have not received a password to view this section then please contact St. Andrew at 717-848-5818. Thank you!