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-   St. Andrew debuts in the Apple iTunes store. St. Andrew developed an app for women to use on their Smartphones that assists them in locating social and services and support resources in their geographic area. Learn more


-  St. Andrew and The Pennsylvania Commission for Women were featured in the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Innovations Exchange for their leadership and innovation in efforts to reduce health disparities. The Women's Wellness Guide interactive kiosks enhance access to health care information for underserved women, leading to increased motivation to adopt healthier behaviors. Learn more


-  Over 90 million adult Americans are limited in their ability to receive quality medical treatment due to their own illiteracy.   Read St. Andrew's recently published Health, Illiteracy and Technology White Paper on this important topic and learn how some organizations are attacking -- and solving -- this problem.


-  "If we don't act to reverse the alarming trend of childhood obesity, we're in danger of raising the first generation of American children who will live sicker and die younger than the generation before them." The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Paper on Childhood Obesity



Our Product Philosophy ....

Our secret to success? Over a decade's tradition of faith in old-fashioned values; pride in every software application and touch-screen (kiosk) solution we produce; tireless attention to detail and maintaining a quality second to none; and lastly, being our own harshest critic.


It's what used to be called caring. At St. Andrew, it still is.


Customer Quotes ....

Congratulations!!!!! What a wonderful "kick off" This is truly the start of something big and beneficial. I am proud to know all of you.

Selma Morris - Department of Multi-cultural Affairs

Grady Health System - Atlanta, GA 

Recognizing the placement of the Latino Breast Health Portal in The International Clinic


I am grateful to you for [St. Andrew's] diligence and the time you took in making sure that our kiosk is working fine.  I took a couple of days off and came in this morning and tested the kiosk a couple of times.  It is working like a champ.  And, it has been a pleasure meeting you and Frank.  It is nice to know in this day and age that there are still people who want to put out a good product and will stand behind it and not give up until the customer is satisfied with it's performance. Again, thank you.

Sandra Downer, Patient & Family Education Center

University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Montefiore Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA



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