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St. Andrew's Smart Recruiter® Program Summary

Smart Recruiter is a direct marketing program developed to assist Catholic schools achieve enrollment growth and increase market share. The Smart Recruiter process identifies, informs and influences families with pre and school age children to choose a Catholic school to educate their child. The process uses specialized computer programs, custom prepared promotional pieces and specially developed telemarketing scripts to engage the decision maker in a “life cycle” approach to marketing the product of Catholic education.

Smart Recruiter takes a “cradle to grade” approach to identifying, contacting and influencing the decision maker to chose a Catholic education for their children. These decision makers are generally parents or guardians who choose educational services for their child. The Smart Recruiter process follows a structured, computer based and directed project management sequence using GANTT project management techniques assuring contact with decision makers by the school with positive and factual promotional material in a regulated, efficient and effective manner.

Documented results support the Smart Recruiter program. In every case where Smart Recruiter is or has functioned in Catholic elementary schools, response to enrollment efforts are positive. At one school a 150% increase in market share among targeted grades was experienced and, at another school, positive market share capture was shown.

Smart Recruiter is offered by Saint Andrew Development Partnership, Inc.. St. Andrew is a new-process technology company that designs and builds information delivery systems. St. Andrew’s work in the area of system design, development and implementation is extensive. In addition to working with local schools St. Andrew performs work for Penn State University, the Diocese of Harrisburg, Hershey Foods Corporation, The Milton Hershey School, Visiting Nurses Association, the YWCA, the American Cancer Society, Waste Management International and the York Health System.

The Smart Recruiter process is offered with several levels of service. The programs include creative services (newsletters, baptismal recognition letters, telemarketing scripts, birthday recognition letters, recruiting letters - all personalized) and computer database extraction analysis and prospect management processes.

Pricing is based on parish size. Convenient payment plans are offered. For additional information on how enrollment can grow in your school contact St. Andrew today at 717-848-5818.