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Introducing the NEW American Cancer Society Wellness Link, a program brought to you by the American Cancer Society and St. Andrew Development, Inc.


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What is Wellness Link?-

WellnessLink is an easy to use and understand health education product created to help people of all reading levels and learning types make good, informed decisions about their health as it relates to early cancer detection and prevention.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) WellnessLink is used by employers, hospitals and other organizations that are committed to delivering potentially live saving and certainly cost saving information to their constituents.

The program uses a highly engaging, interactive interface that presents information in a stand-alone, self service kiosk equipped with a touch screen monitor and a telephone so users can speak with a cancer specialist at the American Cancer Society (ACS) should they have any questions. The WellnessLink is also used to direct calls to a local cancer resource, for example a scheduler, to arrange for a consult.

The WellnessLink program also features 20 high quality, engaging videos jointly created by the ACS and Discovery Health Channel addressing critical behavioral health issues including diet, exercise, not smoking and getting regular check-ups.


How does WellnessLink work?-

The WellnessLink program is housed in an easy to deploy and use touch screen enclosure commonly called a kiosk. Users typically interact with a WellnessLink kiosk by touching on a screen to begin their learning session. They select their native language (English or Spanish) featured in the program and proceed.

During an interaction that usually lasts between 3 to 5 minutes, users will choose their own material that they want to see. They learn at their own pace. The WellnessLink program presents health information in a multimodal, interactive manner and succeeds in appealing to and educating a wide range of learners.

Interactions with WellnessLink units are recorded and compiled in a report that is transmitted to a remote Internet server. This reporting feature gives precise usage measurements and can be tracked and analyzed.  These reports show up to the minute usage by unit and are available to help manage the placement and location of WellnessLink units. Easy-to-read usage reports are available on the Internet using St. Andrew’s custom KioSynch reporting program.

These reports help confirm that units are best utilized. Ideally it is best to place WellnessLink units in regularly trafficked areas. The portability of WellnessLink units permits the easy relocation to new, alternate sites should usage begin to decrease.


How is the WellnessLink kiosk different than the Internet?

WellnessLink is entirely web-based and uses the Internet to receive new and send usage information. When customized, it can view predetermined web pages. The interaction a user experiences however is “corralled”; that is, is directed to only content that is pre-written for a kiosk and the ergonomics of touch screens. This offers a comfort level and ease of use to users that cannot be duplicated by a browser-based interaction.  


Where can WellnessLink be used?

WellnessLink units are deployed coast-to-coast and all throughout the United States.

Hospitals use the WellnessLink program to reach into communities and demonstrate their commitment to promoting healthy living.

Employers are finding that participating in the WellnessLink program helps employees learn and understand the life-saving remedy of healthy living and early detection. Affiliations between hospitals and employers are forging direct relationships with local work forces elevating the image of health care providers in the eyes of the community.

Here are some of the benefits employers enjoy by participating in the WellnessLink program:

·  They demonstrate to their employees that by participating in the WellnessLink program they care about their health and well-being

·  They become part of a powerful program promoting healthy choices and life styles and join with the American Cancer Society's powerful message of hope

·  They experience an economic benefit to insurance premiums (reductions) and to self insurance pools by interdicting cancer cases at an earlier stage thus reducing the more expensive later stage treatment alternatives

Civil agencies can use the WellnessLink program to penetrate communities where the message of early detection and prevention often goes unheard or unheeded. With certain demographics bearing a disproportionate burden of cancer deaths primarily attributable to early detection measures and lifestyle, WellnessLink will inform and educate users about life-saving measures they can take today - and help them find out where and how to take them - with the touch of a finger.

WellnessLink also lets sponsors see how often the program is used, real-time over the Internet. The attractive, sleek units are placed in:

·         shopping malls

·         supermarkets

·         large retail stores

·         schools including colleges, high school and middle schools (ideal with tobacco cessation message!)

·         workplace settings such as employee cafeterias

·         community health centers

·         libraries

·         hospitals

·         other places where large populations gather



Where is the WellnessLink used?

The WellnessLink program is currently in use many major areas of the US including CA, IL, GA, NY, NJ, CO, TX, MA, CT and elsewhere.


To find out more about WellnessLink installations click HERE or call St. Andrew today at 717-848-5818.



What are the benefits of participating in the WellnessLink program?

WellnessLink sponsors can expect to experience several direct benefits by participating in the program: 

·        A proven, reliable method of reaching almost all people with the powerful message of early cancer detection and prevention is at your disposal.

·        The benefit of associating their health message with that of the American Cancer Society.

·        A direct relationship between WellnessLink usage and survival among all groups who interact with WellnessLink.


What do I need to make a WellnessLink operational at my facility?

The simple answer is not too much. The WellnessLink kiosk measures 18 inches deep, 20 inches wide and about 4 feet tall. In its most basic configuration it requires only a single 120 volt outlet.

Additional configuration for an analog phone line and / or an access point to the Internet via your local area network (either RJ11 or wireless) is also supportable. St. Andrew will work with your IT contact to configure your WellnessLink units so they are ready to run as soon as they arrive at your facility.


Can the WellnessLink self-service kiosk be updated?

Yes. Updates can occur in one of three ways:

1. Directly via the Internet accessed either through your LAN or analog phone line or 2. via an update CD that can be installed directly onto the PC that powers your WellnessLink kiosk. 


Can I find out how the WellnessLink kiosk is used?

Yes, you can find out your WellnessLink usage. St. Andrew has created a web based utilization site for all our clients to access and see how their kiosks are being used and what areas are being looked at. This easy to use feature is accessible through our KioSynch interface.


Will my WellnessLink kiosk require service?

If we lived in a perfect world the answer would be no. What we can say with confidence is that it is unlikely that your WellnessLink unit will experience outages. If it does, your maintenance contract with St. Andrew will ensure that your problem is addressed promptly and correctly. Your kiosk will require periodic cleaning including Windex’ing the screen and occasionally vacuuming the PC.


Te ll me about sponsorship recognition. Can WellnessLink units be sponsored?

Yes. Sponsorship is an opportunity to community stewards to have their name prominently albeit tastefully displayed beside the eminent non-profit health care organization in America – the American Cancer Society.

Sponsors can have their logo and a direct link to content describing their organization and the goods / services they offer.


How can I find funding or pay for the WellnessLink Unit?

WellnessLink units can be funded in a number of ways. The most common way is for an organization to directly pay for a unit through a foundation or an operating budget. 


How much does the WellnessLink unit cost?

WellnessLink units are priced in single and multiple purchase packages.

Current pricing can be found at www.StAndrew.com or by calling 717-848-5818.


How can I get more information about WellnessLink?

St. Andrew is prepared to assist you in placing the American Cancer Society's WellnessLink program in places wherever people can benefit form its life-saving content.

We bring strong expertise to health education situations and stand ready to craft, with you or alone, the unique solution that will make your project a success.

You may contact our experienced support staff by calling us at 717-848-5818 or by email at:  Wellness@StAndrew.com



Wellness Link Images

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The photo on the left shows Wellness Link deployed in a "desk-top" setting in a library.

The photo on the right shows a unit located in the Susan Byrnes Health Education Center, a Central Pennsylvania Health Education Center that serves hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.



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