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ACS Field Release

October 10, 2002 - Atlanta, GA


The American Cancer Society is continuing efforts to co-market an interactive kiosk known as the Wellness Link. The Wellness Link has been one of the Society's many information services since the summer of 1998 and is a joint venture between the Society and St. Andrew Development, Inc. The product originated with the Society's Pennsylvania Division, which put years of work into the development of the original information kiosk with St. Andrew.

The touch-screen kiosks educate the public about cancer and the American Cancer Society and are being marketed specifically to cancer clinics, treatment centers, libraries, health education centers, and corporations around the country.

What's New?

This year more than 1,300 Celebration on the Hill visitors utilized the Wellness Link to learn more about the Society and to access cancer information at the Society's exhibit. Periodically St. Andrew mails a newsletter, Wellness Link Digest, to Society field offices in an effort to boost awareness of the service and generate placement opportunities and sales leads. Future newsletters will feature stories on use, installations and health-related topics. (Find it online at www.StAndrew.com.)

The regularly updated kiosk content now includes information on 40 cancer sites in English and Spanish. Recently, 23 short videos co-produced with Discovery Health Channel were added to address the needs of visual and audio learners. The Wellness Link kiosks are located in 25 sites around the country, including Penn State University's Hershey Medical Center and York Cancer Center in PA; Longmont Hospital, CO; Provenia Hospital in Champagne, IL; and Discovery Shops in CA and elsewhere.

The Wellness Link helps reach underserved communities where the message of cancer detection and prevention often goes unheeded. Its format helps make low-literacy learning easy and enjoyable. (An article on "Literacy and Health" can be found in the Wellness Link Digest.) St. Andrew is pilot testing a worksite adaptation of the service in conjunction with the Society's Northwest Division. (See www.StAndrew.com.)

How It Works

St. Andrew, an information delivery systems company, develops the kiosk product. All the content comes from the American Cancer Society. St. Andrew is responsible for the creative presentation of the content in the Wellness Link (which now reflects our branding platform); ensuring that it always reflects the American Cancer Society's most current information; as well as selling, distributing, and maintaining the hardware, software, and cabinetry. The American Cancer Society has final approval of all information contained in the kiosk, as well as the right to approve all sales. A revenue sharing program with local offices is offered to ensure that a significant portion of the Wellness Link revenue remains in the communities they serve. Each kiosk contains a telephone for instant toll-free access to the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. An updated listing of all local American Cancer Society offices is also available to users of the Wellness Link.

For More Information

Complete pricing, sales, and distribution information is available at www.StAndrew.com. The site also features a "Wellness Link Sales and Marketing Guide" that can be accessed using the password (contact St. Andrew at 717-848-5818 for password). Divisions interested in participating in the sale and distribution of The Wellness Link should contact Frank McKee at St. Andrew Development, Inc., 140 Roosevelt Ave. , York, PA 17404, phone: 717-848-5818; cell: 717-891-1827, or via email at FMcKee@StAndrew.com.





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