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                                The Tobacco Prevention Portal ... for Kids


The new Tobacco Prevention Portal enclosure (above) debuted at the recently held Healthy Communities Summit. St. Andrew was pleased to be a major sponsor at this event.

Tobacco companies target children and win. Its a known fact. At St. Andrew, we're turning the tide.

Not only do the tobacco companies portray smoking as something that sets kids apart from the rest, they do so in a way that appeals to children's growing intellect and curiosity.

St. Andrew, working with experts in the field of youth smoking prevention and abatement, has created an ideal program for schools, libraries, malls - almost anywhere kids congregate to tackle tobacco use head on.

The Tobacco Prevention Portal is St. Andrew's first step in creating a comprehensive health portal for kids and young adults which will eventually span the preventable disease spectrum.

Information is presented in a sound bite way with award winning videos and easy to understand graphics. This new, effective way to attack tobacco and encourage kids to make proper choices is available today. To learn more about this well received program see below.

  • Click HERE for more information on the Tobacco Prevention Portal (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  • Click HERE to Visit the Demonstration Site

  • Click HERE to view news article about the Tobacco Prevention Portal  

The demonstration site will show examples of screens a user will encounter during a usage session. The image to the right shows the main screens for both English and Spanish. All entries into the Tobacco Prevention Portal taxonomy begins here. 

Click HERE to visit the Demonstration Site

Meet St. Andrew's award winning Tobacco Zombie. See the Zombie movie. Click HERE 

Note: Broad band Internet connection recommended


For information on how your organization can participate in this exciting and effective program, contact St. Andrew at (717) 848-5818 or send email to:



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