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St. Andrew Development, Learning Tek, LLC and the American Lung Association are pleased to announce that they are teamed up developing content and presenting the Tobacco Prevention Portal ....for Kids to schools across the US. Numerous units are scheduled for delivery to schools in more than 25 counties in the upcoming months.

The Learning Tek and St. Andrew collaboration brings a unique blend of health information depth and presentation to schools and kids. This unique strategic alliance will permit the companies to co-present each others products to their respective markets. Marissa Collins - Young, St. Andrew's Director - Operations reported that Learning Tek is assisting in developing content supplied by the American Lung Association for the Tobacco Prevention Portal ... for Kids.

Learning Tek personnel are providing valuable insight into data model structures, particularly focusing on how people learn. Their experience in developing health learning modules, including their Asthma Doll and an asthma module for the popular Leap Pad Learning system, is proving to be an added value in developing content for the Tobacco Prevention Portal ... for Kids.

If you are contacted by Learning Tek personnel for your thoughts or ideas on the Tobacco Prevention Portal .. for Kids, please be sure to give them a warm welcome!

For information on how your organization can participate in the Tobacco Prevention Portal ... for Kids, contact St. Andrew at (717) 848-5818 or send email to: Wellness@StAndrew.com



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