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Introducing .....The Student Athlete Wellness Portal

A Program Designed to Help High-School Administrators Stop the Rampart Spread of MRSA and Promote Wellness among Student-Athletes



The difference between student-athletes contracting or not contracting MRSA is too often determined by how well they understand and act on potentially life-saving medical information.

At St. Andrew Development we are helping the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) educate over 189,000 New Jersey student athletes about MRSA.

We, as do they, recognize that millions of high-school athletes are at risk of contacting MRSA because of poor hygiene and life-style choices.

St. Andrew's newly developed bilingual The Student Athlete Wellness Portal uses easy to understand information in Spanish and English from the Center for Disease Control that creates an impact message to the user - you can greatly reduce the likelihood of getting MRSA.

Current research shows that inter-activating messages  - adding sound, video and animations to messages  - can mitigate literacy deficiencies and transcend learning styles.

The Student Athlete Wellness Portal does just that. Leveraging St. Andrew's decade of experience developing and deploying interactive, self service health Personal Learning and Understanding Stations (PLUS), the program gives users of all reading levels and ethnicities a fair shot at understanding and taking action on critical information related to their health and survival!

The Student Athlete Wellness Portal is a member of St. Andrew Development's WellnessSuite© collection of health education and intervention programs.

See the NJSIAA Press Release. Click HERE

See St Andrew's Student Athlete Wellness Portal Brochure. Click HERE

For further information on how your organization can place a Student Athlete Wellness Portal in your school community contact St. Andrew Development today by calling us at 717-848-5818 or email us at Wellness@StAndrew.com

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