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Introducing.…. A New and Effective Way for Cancer Centers to Deliver their Services Message to Patients

Cancer Center Resource Kiosk

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Communicating with cancer patients is arguably one of the greatest challenges that health care providers face. The host of  services and support that cancer centers offer patients and their families is frequently left in brochure racks or amongst well intentioned but soon forgotten discussions that may occur between patient and staff.

Faced with the prospect of communicating with a wide variety of patients from broad and diverse demographics, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center took an innovative approach to solving this problem. The newly constructed Hillman Cancer Center, located in the downtown campus, is equipped with a network of four touch-screen kiosks which contain information relative to services and programs to support cancer patients and their families through the journey of cancer survival.

Dr. Andrew Baum, Deputy Director for Cancer Control and Population Sciences, spearheaded the development and placement of the content onto the kiosks. Funded by the generosity of the Alcoa Foundation, the units are located on each of the Hillman Cancer Center’s four floors. The Cancer Center Resource Kiosks are strategically placed in central congregating areas permitting users to easily and privately access information pertaining to patient care, services and other amenities the Hillman center and staff offer.

For further information on how your cancer center can obtain a customized Cancer Center Resource Kiosk, contact St. Andrew at 717-848-5818 or email us at webmaster@StAndrew.com.

Sample Screens from the Cancer Center Resource Kiosk – with its easy-to-use, simple touch screen interface



 This is the main screen a user sees when accessing the kiosk. UPMC has included a variety of information modules to help their patients understand the many fine services they offer.


 This screen describes a library located in the cancer center. Patients can see images or hear an accompanying narration when using the kiosk.

For information on how your organization can participate in this exciting and effective program, contact St. Andrew at (717) 848-5818 or send email to: Wellness@StAndrew.com

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